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Clothing Brand Pricing

Are you a clothing brand, looking for either cheaper pricing per shirt, or the option to have items printed on demand?  If you said yes, I have a new option that might be suit you.

We can set up a screen for you, that we keep prepared and ready to print.  This way we can waive any minimum order sizes, and just print what you need when you need.  There are some catches though.  I'll outline the common questions below best I can.

How much does this cost?

There is a one-time $50 set up fee per design.  This fee essentially just covers the cost of the screen, preparing, making and storing it.

Since I'll have the screen on hand, we can keep the cost per shirt down on small orders.  A couple things worth noting though:  One, not all shirts are always in stock, and some will become discontinued.  Two, the shipping expense of bringing shirts in will be your responsibility.  The delivery expense on one shirt is often pretty close to the delivery expense of a couple dozen shirts.  This does vary from supplier to supplier however, as do turnaround times.

For the pricing per shirt, please email -

How long do you store the screen?

Screens are pretty big and take up a decent amount of room to store.  Due to this, I can't store everything forever.  If you continually ordering, I'll keep the screen until you discontinue the print.  If you go a full year without using the screen, then I will have to reclaim it.  If you decided you wanted to set it up again after I reclaim it, you would be looking at another $50 setup fee. 

Can you order in extra blank shirts, so you have more available for future orders?

Absolutely!  Again the expense of the shipping would be your responsibility, but it is cheaper to ship multiple shirts, rather than one at a time.  Also, this will speed up the turnaround time and give you a little more control over what is in stock.

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