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  • How do I order stuff?
    Send me an email here: Please include the graphics you'd like printed, what type of garmet(s) you'd like used, and how many prints. If you don't have all of this organized yet, just send as much as you can. From there I'll send you a quote and we'll organize an order through email.
  • How long is my order going to take?
    Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks from when the order is placed and depsoit (if required) is paid. If you're in a rush, just let me know and I'll see what's possible. If I'm shipping things to you, you will also have to account for the time the package is in transit.
  • So I've ordered now, how do I pay you?"
    I'll send you an invoice once the order is complate, which can be paid through creditcard, your bank, e-transfer or cash. If all of the options are the same to you, E-trasnfer is my preferred option. Larger orders will require a deposit before I can start the order.
  • I've ordered stuff, paid for it, and you've told me it's ready. How do I pick it up?"
    Orders can be picked up at 45 West Hastings in Vancouver, but we'll need to schedule a time beforehand through email. Shipping is also an option at an additional cost.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    Nope, except for when there are. My goal is to keep everything 100% transparent, but there are a few things that cost you more, simply because they cost me more. Things like: - Sizes XXL and above are more expensive. I don't charge any extra markup to print on these sizes, I just charge enough to cover the extra cost of the blank shirts. - Standard taxes are added on orders. This shouldn't be a surprise if you've purchased anything before, but just saying so it's known. - Shipping. If you need things shipped, that's cool, I just have to charge you what it costs to ship to you. - Rush Orders. I only charge extra on rush orders when it costs me more to make them possible. Rush orders are usually possible, but not always guaranteed.
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